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papa. sitting by my side. 

I sit in middle air. thoughts fly in my mind like the pretty butterflies you make. your name is so precious. your smile so soft. like that teddy bear I got for christmas. your presence so comforting. like the sheets on my bed.

sorry for making you cry today. please be my friend again. don’t leave me papa. help me to love you. more 

forever and ever. amen. 

1:10 am

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When I think of pages I think of its simplicity

I think of its smooth edges, I think of its definition

I think of the force that can be molded, shaped, birthed on every line, every space, every section of this page

Breathes life

When I think of pages I think of a new beginning, I think of how many mistakes can be made on them, permanent inks of vices written in words, seasoned in every line, every circle, every script, every curl

I think of the joy on those pages, the art that songs sweetly to the beholder on those pages

The struggles of our lives on those pages, the tears and smiles on these pages

The memories we make on these pages, the memories we take off these pages, the eyes that gaze upon those pages, the history revealed on those pages

When I think of pages I think of you and me, I think – we, our similarities, our differences, I think of uniqueness and individuality, I think of crown and glory, I think of simple and common

When I see pages, I see chances

To put on paper, reality and imagination I see an opportunity to create another great world

When I see pages, I see creation, unfolding.

By k.p

Blessings. Peace. Joy

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Flow Son Flow


I see you, you’ve made yourself known well enough for me to see you
I feel the effects of you, too
How you carry me from slumber to the boastful crack of dawn

I see you, Sun

I see how you knock on my window every morning
Make your way in my bedroom and shine on my nakedness
My body exposed to you, you caress me even in my nothingness

You beam through dark clouds
Wrestling silver linings
Just to meet with me


You give me life
Everyday, you shine
In valleys of shadows of death I can see you
Even if it’s just a piece of you

Ages sprint along, and I could chose to live in days of old
But you, Sun
Keep shining on me
Loving my ugliness

This Son bled for me
Keeps bleeding for me, in love

Blessings. Peace. Joy

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Confession #1 

She wears mascara and lipstick. Those are her favorite kinds of makeup. She smiles in front of the camera but she cries in her bed almost every night

Most nights, she goes to bed sad. She is sad for being sad

She smiles on the outside so that everyone thinks she has it all together, but on the inside she fights with low self-esteem; she got so dry inside her spirit, disconnected from her God and connected to social media

She’s addicted to attention and getting ‘likes’ and ‘loves’

She gets excited when her ‘likes’ pass twenty because she feels like she’s being noticed but inside she is broken

It’s draining her on the inside to keep up with this persona but she can’t seem to help herself from checking Facebook or Instagram every two seconds while her bible stays barely touched

When she does manage to read The Word, she meditates for one minute then sleeps with depression beside her. Too sad to feel hope, too angry to hold on to what she knows is true. So she takes another picture and hides behind the lens of camera, obsessed with her appearance but not bold enough to confront herself or cry out to her God to help her love herself. To help her love Him

She desires peace and rest and freedom but she knows she doesn’t deserve it

When she tries to ‘start over’ she becomes overwhelmed
She doesn’t think she can ‘get-it-right’. 

She tells God that she’ll give Him a chance but she gets confused. again. 

She desires to sit at His feet, but she is too consumed with ‘stuff’. She thought that getting away from home would help, but inside she still feels helpless, hopeless, empty. She is mad at herself because she doesn’t think she is where she’s supposed to be 

She cries in her sleep, and laughs in the morning

She tries to cover up her confusion, hopelessness and anger with the morning, but then night comes, and she fights with both herself and her God. 


confession is good for the soul

Hello Everyone ! Hope y’all are having a beautiful day/night, and if you’re not, I get it (As you can see from what’s written above). 

I didn’t put this out there for people to ‘know my business’, I put it out to show the world that even as Christians, we go through [alot]! 

I started writing down these ‘confessions’ because I was tired of the cliché. Why hide our struggles ? Why pretend we have it all together ? 

There’s nothing wrong with having issues, we are human, walking through a messed up world – issues are inevitable. 

And yes, I do have difficult days, sometimes I do struggle with insecurities and I realise, it’s okay ! As long as we don’t stay down, as long as we remember that we are God’s chosen, beautiful people

Thank God that He’s a redeemer, and you know what ? Even when we think he doesn’t, HE GETS IT. And we don’t need to hide because, [clearly] He already knows. 

I hope my work can help someone to face themselves. It’s sometimes a bit intimidating, but it can be done. Trust. 

And, if you don’t ‘know’ Jesus as your Savior, here’s a fun fact : HE IS CRAZY IN LOVE WITH YOU !! This doesn’t stop our troubles, but it surely helps bring us through them. 

Anyway. I love you all with the love of Christ, my Savior, God & King ! ❤

 Confess your sins one to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. 

James 5:16 (NIV) 

Blessings. Peace. Joy